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Sticky Rice and Octopus Porridg

The sticky rice is very nutritious, strengthens the middle warmer, benefits vital energy, nourishes the stomach and spleen, stops the night sweats and frequent micturition.
Boiled Octopus Sliced A4(IWADA) 70g
Sticky rice 1 cup
Dates 50g
Water 8 glasses


How to make the dish
Cook the Boiled Octopus Sliced A4(IWADA) in a pottery pot with 8 glasses of water till it is well cooked.
Put the cleaned sticky rice and dates in it.
Use the open fire at the very beginning, simmer it for about 30 minutes when it is boiled, and put some salt in it.
Served the sticky rice in a bowl and put some white granulated sugar in it. No need to eat the octopus and the dates.