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Octopus Pizza

Octopus is good for blood pressure regulation and women’s prolactin and nourishing after birth. It also helps men’s sexual function. Because arginine is the major components of sperm.
The materials
Wheat powerful powder 400g
Wheat flour 200g
Egg yolk 20g
Yeast 12g
Boiled Octopus Sliced A4 50g
Onion( white skin) 20g
Cheese 50g
Katsuobushi 30g
White sesame 5g
Laver 5g
Mushroom( fresh) 15g
White granulated sugar 40g
Salt 12g
Olive oil 35g
Soy sauce 200g
Chinese rice wine 30g
Ginger juice 15g
Starch(corn) 10g
Salad sauce 20g


How  to make the dish
Put the crust in a baking tray that has been coated lightly with olive oil, and then move it to the heated oven which is 210 degrees, stay in the oven for about 7 minutes till the color is golden.
Clean the Boiled Octopus Sliced A4 and cut in, peel off the onion skin and chop it.
Coat the baking tray with olive oil and put the wrapper in it and smear with teriyaki sauce.
Scatter the cheese slices on it, and then put the octopus and onion on it. Last, scatter some cheese slices and cheese powder on top.
Move the crust to 200 degrees’ oven for about 6 minutes, till the color of the cheese is golden.
Get the baked pizza out , sprinkle with katsuobushi and white sesame, pour some egg yolk salad sauce and scatter some  seaweed pieces before serving.
How to make the south Italia pizza crust
Put the yeast extract in a bowl, and put some warm water, stir well.
Sift the powerful wheat powder and wheat powder into a steel basin, stir with the yeast extract water
Put olive oil, salt, white granulated sugar and egg yolk to form dough.
Get the dough out, bang the dough and rounding it when it gets smooth, seal it with plastic wrap to allow the dough to ferment.
Allow the dough to ferment until double in bulk, divide it into 3 dough, rounding them again, seal them with plastic wrap to ferment again for about 30 minutes.
Roll the fermented dough into oblate wrap, press it with your fingers and make the edge thicker, make some holes in the center with a fork.