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Sautéed Chinese Chives Cuttlefish Ear

Sautéed Chinese Chives and Cuttlefish Ear is good for your stomach, livers and kidneys, is also full of calcium. The dish is very simple and you can cook it at home.
Cuttlefish Ear 300 g
Chinese Chives 300 g
Peanut Oil Appropriate
Salt Appropriate
Aginomoto Appropriate
Cooking Wine Appropriate


How to make the dish
Cut Cuttlefish Ear into slices, cut the Chinese Chives and some ginger
Dry the Cuttlefish Ear
Fry the ginger in the cooking pot
Put the Cuttlefish Ear and Chinese Chives in it, stir fry for 5 minutes, and then put the cooking wine, salt and aginomoto in it. It is done.