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Fried Streaky Pork Cuttlefish Legs Sliced

Fried streaky pork and Boiled Cuttlefish Legs Sliced includes meat and sea food, with enough sauce ,delicious and appetizing!
Streaky Pork Appropriate
Boiled Cuttlefish Legs Sliced Appropriate
Green Chinese Onion Appropriate
Ginger Appropriate Appropriate
Anise Oil Appropriate
Water Appropriate
Light Soy Sauce Appropriate
Dark Soy Sauce Appropriate
Crystal Sugar Appropriate
Ground Pepper Appropriate
Salt Appropriate
Wine Appropriate


How to make the dish
Cut the streaky pork, ginger and green Chinese onion
Sauté the ginger in a cooking pot
Fry the streaky pork
Simmer the spices and anise for about 40 minutes
Put the Boiled Cuttlefish Legs Sliced in the pot when the streaky port is well cooked. Stir fry well and cook for a while, put the green Chinese onion, get ready for the dish