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Central bank vows to keep outlook stable

China's central bank on Friday vowed to its keep monetary stance stable in the next few months, while insisting instruments such as reverse repurchase transactions are still available to it, to adjust market liquidity if needed.


In a quarterly report on its official website, the People's Bank of China said it would attach more importance on shoring up the economy and continuing to implement prudent monetary policy.


It will make the policies more proactive, targeted and flexible, and maintain a balance between economic growth, stabilized prices and fending off risk, according to the report.


"We could use liquidity management processes involving reverse repurchases and reserve requirement ratios to adjust liquidity of the banking system and maintain interest rates at a stable level," said PBOC.


The Chinese economy will continue to grow at a relatively stable pace within the complicated international and domestic environment, it said.


"While employment could grow at a slower pace than previously, prices will be sensitive to demand," said the bank, adding that inflation will be kept in check.